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 Guided London Walks


Illustrated Talks for meetings or Zoom Talks

Find out more about booking talks for your meetings by emailing via the 'contact us' page.


The talks will take you on a journey of exploration through London’s extensive history, finding out about London and the lives of people who lived there. Discover the origins of buildings and structures that survive to the present day.

Each talk lasts about 50 minutes, plus time at the end for questions, but length can be altered to suit your requirements. You can arrange a live or Zoom talk for your club or society, or link up to a regular programme of talks, which are provided once a month on Tuesday evenings (see below for dates, times and topics). Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page if you need to find out more.


Monthly Zoom talks in 2023 begin at 7.30 pm, so contact us for the link to join. The cost is £5 for a connection:

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Tues 10th January        Curiosities of London part 5: stones, saints & more.

(this first talk of the year is offered FREE)

Tues 14th February      Horses & Carriages in London: travel before cars.  

Tues 14th March           Discover the Tower of London: a fortress, prison & palace.

Tues 11th April              Explore Regency London: the beginnings of the modern age. 


Tues 16th May               Walking Through Thames Docklands: the south bank. 

Tues 13th June              Explore Edwardian London: the season before the storm broke.

Tues 11th July               Discover Kensington Palace: the home of Georgian kings.

Tues 15th August          Explore Post-War London: the trials and triumphs of a new age.

Tues 12th September    The Golden Heart of the City of London: poets, coffee & bullion.

Tues 17th October         Discover Legal London: the true embodiment of everything that’s excellent.

Tues 14th November     Discover Westminster Abbey: the burial place of kings.

[December has no talks planned]

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